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Q: Do you offer villas or suites for accommodation?

A: We offer a total of 48 individual suites of nine types, each with unique combination of features. These suites are located in 23 contemporary Thai architectural styled villas situated to take advantage of the best views from our hillside vantage. The majority of our suites have one bedroom, however for small groups or families, we can offer suites with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Q: How many persons will the 2 or 3 bedroom suites accommodate?

A: Each bedroom unit can accommodate up to 2 persons, adult or child aged 16+. Hence when you book a 2-bedroom suite, it can accommodate up to 4 persons, the 3-bedroom suite can accommodate up to 6 persons. When you book any other suite, they are1-bedroom suites valid for a maximum occupancy of two.

Q: What is the difference between each of the suite types offered?

A: The HILLTOPS POOL VILLA Suites are our premium suites and are in a class of their own. Click here to view. The difference between each of the remaining 8 suite types are based on a combination of features ranging from:
majestic sea views from a higher hillside location to lush garden views from the lower levels
amount of space, floor plan layout and unique suite amenities;
proximity to or away from road traffic.
These apply in varying proportions, even within suites of the same name, hence it is the combined total of such features that influences how each suite is grouped by type. For instance, the difference between SUPER DELUXE COURTYARD SEA VIEW and SUPER DELUXE SEA VIEW suites is narrow, most of it is from one main feature difference [i.e. with or without Courtyard floor plan layout]. >However the difference widens between the SUPER DELUXE SEA VIEW and STANDARD suites. The Super Deluxe Sea View has a higher combined features total and the JUNIOR or STANDARD suites, a much lower one. Our JUNIOR and STANDARD suites both have the lowest combined features total, making them our entry level suite types. To view our SUITES page, click here. ---------

Q: Where may I view floor plans of the different suites?

A: There is a FLOOR PLAN link for each suite type on our SUITES page. The Floor plan for each suite may vary slightly in size and configuration than shown as the suite units are located in villas which have been built to optimize views. To view our SUITES page, click here

Q: Are your suite rates quoted per person or per suite?

A: Generally our suite rates indicated are starting from prices applicable per suite, per night, for single or double occupancy per bedroom, unless otherwise stated. For two persons travelling, divide the suite rate by two, to arrive at the per person rate.

Q: Your prices are followed by +++ what does this mean?

A: A 7% VAT, 10% service charge plus 1% provincial tax is applicable, this is not included in our indicated starting from prices as represented by +++.

Q: Is breakfast included?

A: Yes. A complimentary breakfast buffet is offered between 6:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. at the upper terrace of the Spice Poolside Restaurant to each resort guest.  Should you wish, a la carte breakfast in your own suite is available at an additional charge, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (with last order at 11 a.m.)

Q: What is the cost of an extra bed for a third person in a suite?

A: We do not offer extra beds nor cots in any of our suites. The maximum occupancy we offer per bedroom in any suite is for 2 persons [adult or child age 16+).

Q: Can we bring our children to the resort?

A: As the majority of our guests who book considered us primarily an "Adults Only" resort, we oblige and only accept reservations for a child aged 16+, when travelling with 1 adult for accommodation in a bedroom in any of our suites.   The rate for single or double occupancy per bedroom in any of our suites is the same for adult or child aged 16+.

Q: Can we bring our pets to the resort?

A: No.  Your pets are not allowed at the resort.  The only "pets" at the resort are those found naturally on Phuket island which evolve with the seasons.    We use best efforts to restrict such natural "guests" to the outdoors, however don't be surprised to see the odd bird, butterfly, gecko, mosquito and other such living beings visit your suite or hang around the resort from time to time.  For some Thais, such personal visits are considered a lucky omen.  Many resort guests, during their stay, tell us that they are thrilled in being surrounded in the natural habitat of the island, So much so that even we at the resort adopt the Gecko as our resident "pet" on account of their dietary habits which help keep the population of other insect "guests" in check.  Such fauna is not harmful and we hope that you too will delight in them even if they are new to your experience.

Q: What time is check-in at the resort?

A: Check-in is 3:00 p.m. A early check-in time can be reserved in advance at an additional charge and is non-refundable. Otherwise early check-in will be ‘on request’ at no extra charge but subject to availability upon check-in. To start your holiday right away, may we suggest you pre-book a spa treatment at Spa Sereniti, if you intend to arrive before check in time. Click here to book.

Q: What time is check-out from the resort?

A: Check-out is 12 noon. Late check-out (up to 6:00 p.m.) is subject to additional charge and availability, which can only be confirmed to you on the morning of check-out day.

Q: Why is the Junior and Standard Suites not available to book?

A: The Junior Suite, one of our entry level suite types has 2 units available in the resort and the Standard Suite, our other entry level suite type has 3 units, all of which are often booked out early.

Q: Can I pay in US Dollars in cash or credit card?

A. All our prices at the resort are quoted in Thai Baht and settlement according to Ayara Hilltops terms and conditions [click to view] are required in Thai Baht for any form of payment, cash or credit. The resort offers a foreign currency exchange service for major currencies, should you wish to settle in cash.

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