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Spa Products at Spa Sereniti

Our premium quality spa products include Qi, a line developed by SHISEIDO, a global leader in health and beauty solutions for over 130 years.  In Qi spa products Shiseido brings Eastern traditions and philosophies and Western science and technology together.  These products embody the Shiseido R&D core values to present functionality, sensitivity and safety.  “Functionality” research aims for beautiful, youthful skin by exploring skin's physiological mechanisms and developing effective remedies and ingredients. “Sensitivity” research explores usage, fragrance, color and beauty techniques to enhance product enjoyment. And last but not least "safety" research to ensure that what they offer is equally friendly to both the customer and the environment.

Following your treatments at Spa Sereniti, we carry a variety of these Qi Shiseido spa products in retail sizes should you wish to extend its benefits and enjoy them in the comfort of your home spa.

Another quality product we offer for our detoxifying and slimming body treatments at the spa is from “Algoane”.  These products benefit from the results of discoveries lead by Laboratories Sciences & Mer, who work closely with university and medical research centers to select marine plants and minerals with a high cosmetic potential and extract the components vital to the skin’s balance and beauty.

Similarly, with your complete well being in mind, our spa massage oils are prepared using pure natural product bases inspired by nature’s bounty such as Green Tea, Virgin Coconut Oil, Cucumber, Aloe Vera or Petit Grain and are blended to create massage oils to enhance and complement the spa treatments of your choice at Spa Sereniti.


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