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Your Guide to Enjoying Spa Sereniti

Where to find us at the resort property

Spa Sereniti is located on the ground floor, one level below our Resort Hosts’ Front Office and the Lobby Pavilion at our Reception Villa.  We are opened from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.


Consult us early on your spa program during your stay.

Please reserve your appointment as early as possible. We are at your service to consult on your desired spa program at the Spa Sereniti reception lounge, ground floor.  Or if you prefer, please use the in-house telephone on extension “SPA” (8901) to contact us.  Appointments are necessary for all spa treatments.


Rescheduling or cancellation

Once your spa program is confirmed, we plan and prepare your treatment location, amenities and carefully selected products.  Some treatment products may include fresh ingredients that require time for us to prepare before your treatment, hence, we would appreciate at least 4 hours notice for any re-scheduling or cancellation of your appointment. Re-scheduling will be subject to space availability.


On the day of your spa appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment. This will allow you time to get to know us and to prepare yourself for a truly sublime spa journey.  Upon your arrival, our receptionist will receive you, reconfirm your spa program and show you to the treatment sanctuary specially prepared for you. Robes, towels and slippers will be provided.  Lockers are available in the Changing Room for safe keeping of your personal belongings during your spa session.  The receptionist willl provide you with a key.  We do not advise you to bring valuables to keep in the spa lockers.

Health Considerations

Be sure to notify the Spa Manager or Spa Receptionist of any health considerations whe booking your appointments.  In particular, if you have high blook pressure, suffer from allergies or are pregnant.  If you have any concerns at all, please let us know.  Consumption of alcohol before, during or directly after spa treatments is not recommended.


For optimum results, a hydro bath or steam bath may sometimes be incorporated as part of the treatment program. Other treatments may require the use of oil, salt or clay. Accordingly, we make disposable underwear available for your use. Alternatively, you may bring along extra undergarments or swim wear for use during the treatment.   


Royal Thai Massage

Prior to receiving any of the Royal Thai massage treatments, you will be offered a fresh and comfortable pair of Thai pajamas to wear during your massage.  Lockers are available in the changing room for safe keeping of your personal belongings. The Spa receptionist will provide you with a key.


Changing Room /Spa Steam-Sauna-Shower

Our spa changing room is fully equipped to provide you a complete spa experience with showers, steam and sauna rooms for the Detoxifying Circuit, or on their own. Please inform the Spa receptionist if you would like to enjoy these spa amenities.


The Detoxifying Circuit is designed to cleanse your body following a regimen comprising of alternating hot and cold therapies:

Hot Therapy (Steam Room for 5 minutes) – Cold Shower – Drink a Glass of Water
Hot Therapy (Sauna Room for 5 minutes) – Cold Shower – Drink a Glass of Water

You may go on the Detoxifying Circuit before of after a spa treatment. Please seek advice at the Spa reception.


Spa  Etiquette

While we make every effort to make your visit to Spa Sereniti an extraordinary and memorable experience, we would like to also ask for your cooperation to respect the privacy and space of the other guests.


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